5 Tips for Parents in Choosing the Right Phone for Kids – Our Guide

Choosing the right gadgets for kids is a crucial decision for parents. The first gadget that a kid must have is a reliable cell phone. Most phones enable their users to access the internet, watch shows, and play different games. Amidst all the features, the most basic function of a phone is for communication. 

Today, it is imperative for parents to have an open line of communication with their kids. It is ideal for convenience as well as for emergencies. With the many phone models available today, choosing the right phone for kids may be a confusing task for parents. That said, here are a few tips to help parents find the perfect phone for their kids:

Choose a phone with a long battery life

A phone is capable of many functions, such as taking photos, video calling, or text messaging. However, a phone is only as good as its battery. Without a good battery life, a phone’s features are useless. Before looking at other high-tech features, such as a large display size or fast processing, it is best to check its battery life first. Look for a phone that has at least 3,000 mAh to make sure it lasts a day at full capacity. 

Choose a phone with proven durability

Kids are known to have a physically active lifestyle. It’s necessary to consider the durability of the phone to make sure that it complements their active lifestyle. A durable phone is one that is water and dust-resistant and is made up of functional materials. 

For water protection, it must have an excellent “ingress protection” or IP rating. This rating indicates a phone’s resistance to water and dust. An IP68 rating is the ideal IP rating, which guarantees that it is securely protected from dust and can withstand being submerged in water for up to one meter. 

Durability is essential; otherwise, you would have to deal with cell phone repair quickly.

Choose a phone that guarantees biometric security

Parents want the best security for their kids. In choosing a phone for a child, make sure that it guarantees a sophisticated form of biometric security. While most children are limited to going to school or staying at a playground, they are at constant risk of theft or hacking. 

It is ideal that their phones must have a reliable biometric security system to prevent strangers from using their phones. This feature is readily available in most android phones today. It secures the phone by allowing it to unlock only with registered thumbprint or face recognition. It may also be used by creating a PIN code or password for unlocking.

Choose a phone with a reasonable price

Last but definitely not least is that the phone must have a reasonable price. A phone is a good investment for the security and convenience of young children. However, take note that kids may not manage their phones as carefully as possible. Find a medium-range phone model that prioritizes durability and long battery life rather than other high-end features that contribute to a higher cost for a phone. 


Choose a phone that offers excellent functionality, durability, and long battery life. A good smartphone does not need to cost a lot.

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