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How You’re Most Likely to Damage Your Phone – What to Know

If any singular experience could accurately depict a modern nightmare, it would be a toss-up between a worldwide zombie apocalypse and breaking an iPhone screen. 

As humans continue to grow even more dependent on digital technology for work and leisure, it’s no secret that smartphones have become an immovable element of modern living. While it may not necessarily be as painful as losing a family member or struggling financially, there’s no denying the fact that breaking a phone can definitely kick one’s panic, anger, and sadness into overdrive. 

Breaking a phone, as much as no one would like to admit, is typically the result of various forms of human error—most of which are avoidable with proper care and discretion. Compared to third-party or natural causes beyond human control, mishandling breaks more phones, more frequently—proof that we are typically the reason for our broken phones in the first place.

Whether you’ve never broken a single phone in your life or are on your tenth replacement, the best way to keep your phone in working condition is to know what you should avoid doing. Here are some of the most common ways people unintentionally ruin their phones:

Small mistakes during nights out with friends

In a study on common causes of phone breakage, researchers discovered that a quarter of occurrences took place during a night out. This appears to point to one thing: phones and alcohol don’t mix too well. 

When you’re inebriated, you put your phone at greater risk of breakage. After all, you’re not exactly your most aware, careful, and sensible self after a few drinks. Once you start experiencing the effects of alcohol, you may eventually find yourself dancing the night away without a clue of what’s happening until the next day—and you could very well wake up to a broken phone, with no idea how it happened. Did you drop it? Did it accidentally get splashed with alcohol? Did someone sit on it? The only thing you’ll know for sure is that you’re in for a massive bill, whether you’re repairing your current phone or buying a brand new one.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to have a fun night out with friends without putting your smartphone at risk of breakage. Just keep it inside a bag, preferably in a protective case, to ensure that it’s as safe as possible from you using it while under the influence. 

Carelessly taking a selfie

Another common reason for accidental phone damage is the ever-popular pastime of taking a selfie (usually at the most awkward of times). As a matter of fact, selfies are said to be responsible for about 20 percent of smartphone accidents resulting in smashed screens or drops from more than a hundred meters high—yikes!

The best way to prevent your smartphone from breaking or dying by selfie is by counteracting the risk that comes with an unusual angle. Don’t rely on just your tight grip; outfit your phone with a rubber case and a wrist strap to prevent it from slipping out of your hands.

Having an oopsie-doodle in the loo

Dropping a device in the loo accounts for about 10 percent of breakage cases. Literally and figuratively, it’s a reason that absolutely stinks. In this case, your greatest enemy isn’t the toilet—it’s yourself. With most death-by-toilet cases, phones simply end up breaking beyond repair because they aren’t waterproofed well enough to survive a full immersion for a prolonged period of time. 

Final words

Your smartphone can break under a wide range of circumstances. Toilet plunges, selfies gone wrong, and the absence of sobriety cause the majority of cases where phones break beyond repair. The best way to prevent these accidents? Just be as careful as possible, and take the necessary precautions to protect your phone from your own mistakes. “Protect your phone by ensuring that you always have a case and tempered glass on it. Check out our great selection of cases and tempered glass by clicking here.” (

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