Our Guide to Phone Repair vs. Replacement – Which One to Choose

The use of phones has become an indispensable part of our lives. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we can’t seem to get rid of our phones. We often use our phones to set alarms, check the news online, communicate with family and friends, get updates on social media, and so much more. The idea of going about your daily routines without a phone seems rather unlikely for most people. It will be as if a part of you is missing because phones are now seen as an extension of yourselves.

What if your phone gets busted for some reason? Is it logical to get an instant repair, or is it more practical to get a new phone? We’ll explore these critical questions and see which works better for you – phone repair or replacement. Keep on reading to get some valuable insights into dealing with a broken or damaged phone.

The need for repair or a new device

When a phone gets damaged, most people would think of getting a new one. Although that seems to be the most logical step to take, that isn’t always true. The common misconception implying that the new is better isn’t always a grain of truth. 

For one, after you have invested so much in your current phone, you would not want to spend extra on getting a replacement. Second, you may have just used it for a few months. If it’s just a small issue, you can have it repaired and still use it in the long run. These are just a few good reasons to seek phone repair, instead of a new replacement.

Cost consideration

Comparing the cost between a phone repair and replacement is the best route to take. If it doesn’t make much of a difference, the rule of thumb is to invest in a new one. This may also be true if the repair is a major one. Then, it’s practical for you to buy a new phone instead. 

For the most part, however, minor damages or issues won’t be costly. That said, it’s best to visit the nearest local repair shop and have your phone fixed. You only need to shell a few bucks, instead of emptying your pocket for a new phone. 

Time consideration

When it comes to time, it’s best to visit your local repair shop and see how long it will take for your phone to be fixed. Know that it doesn’t take too long for a repair because minor issues can typically be addressed in about 30 minutes. 

If the repair takes the whole day or even more, it could mean that the repair is highly critical. In such a circumstance, buying a new phone may be more practical. In either way, the repair shop will advise you on the most economical decision.

Final words

Keep in mind that repairing your phone is a more viable solution when compared to buying a new one. Not only is a phone repair more efficient, but it can help you save money. Generally, common fixes are more affordable than replacing your old phone with a new one. 

We hope this post has shed some light on why it is best to opt for a phone repair over a new replacement.

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